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Community 101

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The leadership students at David Douglas all participate in a program called Community 101.  Community 101 is a program that comes from the PGE Foundation and is administered by the Oregon Community Foundation.   It is a philanthropy project where students learn how to make a difference through volunteerism and local social service agency programs. The leadership classes at David Douglas will receive approximately $5,000.00 to grant to various Oregon social service projects.  

Leadership students are the engine that makes the Scot's Angel Club at David Douglas go.   Part of Community 101 is teaching students the value of giving.   Students spend hundreds of hours on fundraising and creating special projects for the Scot's Angels club.   


With support from the Baron/Gilbert Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation, the Leland C. and Sandra Levenson Stapleton Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation, and the PGE Foundation, David Douglas Leadership/Community 101 is working on uniting a diverse population to make a difference and leave a legacy. 

Community 101 at work

Oregon Food Bank

Oregon Food Bank

Beach Clean Up

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